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Kharma has made a pact with the evil Gorl. Now the army of {Kami} faces General Beetleton, Gorl's tough-skinned right hand man. Can the Patapons defeat such an unwordly beast?
  — Mission description 

Zigoton Queen is going to be a hard mission. You'll be fighting Beetleton, along with Queen Kharma.

Walkthrough Edit

As you march forward you will see Beetleton, servant of Gorl, saying he will challenge you. Having many Rarepons can help you handle him. Yaripon's and Yumipon's attacks are not much good against Bettleton, but if there is a tailwind, it can damage him. After hitting Beetleton a few times, the Queen of Zigotons, Kharma, makes a debut to Beetleton's surprise. Beetleton won't attack for a while but your Melee units might fall asleep from Kharma's attack, your ranged units are safe from the falling dust. Kharma will ask Beetleton if he needs assistance but he says he doesn't need her help. Beetleton will now use earthquake attacks and Kharma will still use her sleeping powder. The souless Zigotons come to help and one of them may have a healing potion. Once you kill Beetleton, he drops his helm, which will greatly increase HP. Kharma will leave if you take long enough, taking her sleep dust with her. 

Let's Play Patapon - Mission 27 - Zigoton Queen

Let's Play Patapon - Mission 27 - Zigoton Queen

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