(Uberhero's name) faces the offspring of a giant, ancient desert beast. It blows fire, and crushes tiny Patapons with it's immense weight. No wonder Zaknel is called the King of the Desert! (*)This quest appears only rarely.
  — Mission Description 
Zaknel, King of the Desert!

Zaknel, king of the desert.

Main article: Zaknel

Suggested: Lvl 20+ / Reward: ?

This is the fifth mission at the Bottomless Stomach Desert, and only appears rarely.


Zaknel in Patapon3

This rare quest will only appear when Sukopon spots him. Beware, as Zaknel has gained new moves since Patapon 2, and is much stronger, so be sure to dodge his attacks or just defend if you can't.


Zaknel has several different attacks which can devastate your army.

  • Headsmash: Zaknel raises its head in the air and slams it upon the ground, potentially crushing your army. This attack is best dodged with the retreat command (Pon Pata Pon Pata).
  • Fire breath: Zaknel breaths fire upon your army, similar to Dodonga 's fire breath attack, but inflicts a higher burn rate.
  • Zaknel

    Zaknel performing the Roll Attack

    Roll attack: Zaknel moves partially underground and quickly rolls its way towards your army. This attack is best avoided by using the jump command (Don Don Chaka Chaka).
  • Body slam: Zaknel leans backwards and slams on ground. best avoided with PonPata Song.

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