There are three main Uberheroes that you begin with. Each one unlocks different Uberheroes. This is the evolution tree pertaining to Yumiyacha and at what level thay can use different weapons.

Class UnlocksEdit

  • Archer

    Archer Class Tree

    Getting Yumiyacha to level 3 unlocks Wondabarappa.
  • Getting Yumiyacha to level 5 unlocks Pingrek.
  • Getting Yumiyacha to level 7 unlocks Alosson.
  • Getting Pingrek and Yumiyacha to level 8 unlocks Oohoroc.
  • Getting Oohoroc and Wondabarappa to level 10 unlocks Jamsch.
  • Getting Yumiyacha and Alosson to level 12 unlocks Cannogabang.
  • Getting Yumiyacha to level 15 unlocks Taterazay and Yarida (Uberhero only).

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