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Patapons attempting to destroy the World Egg.

The World Egg was an important artifact that no Patapon ever even dared to open, however, it was a powerful sight to look at inside Pata-Pole. Ormen Karmen (the Karmen king) tricked Hero into thinking that the Princess was in trouble. He shattered the World Egg, hoping to save the Princess. But when the World Egg split, it made a portal that led Underworld demons such as the Akumapon, Garl (Garuru), and Zuttankarmen into the Patapons' world. From the Underworld, spurt forth the Evilmass of Adamance. After this, Hero put the mask to forget what he did. The World Egg would continue to be unfixed until the Patapons came back with their god and Hero. After defeating Zuttankarmen, the World Egg was repaired and the portal to the Underworld closed. By doing this, the Patapons had restored peace to the land. There is another important Artifact that contains more evil than the world egg: A chest that contains the Seven Evil Spirits.

Trivia Edit

  • This is most likely a reference to Chinese religion, which says that the world started out as an egg.
  • The World Egg is seen in Patapon 3 as a hideout decoration.

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