Level Info

World's First Hoshipon Convention


Bonedeth, Akumapon,Balrog,Salamander

Next Mission

Black Hoshipon Strikes Back

Previous Mission

Archfiend of Restraint

Background Music

Pala Biyappa Theme

An eerie ritual is being carried out not far from the underworld in the Volcano Zone, home of the Archfiend of Adamance. Save the helpless star and you shall be granted good fortune!
  — Mission Description 

Suggested: Lv21 / Reward: Iron Chest Lv21

This is the first mission at the Volcano Zone of the Lazy Demon.

Note: This mission contains a lot of fire, so you

The Hoshipons together.

must bring fire-resistant equipment if you do not wish to be burned.


The mission starts with Black Hoshipon returning to the world. She then converses with Gold Hoshipon and threatens to kill him, so Gold Hoshipon runs away, with Black Hoshipon chasing him. Then you can play and after you march, you will come across Bonedeth and a Lava Salamander. After you beat them, Gold Hoshipon will ask for your help. Destroy the tower and battle some Bonedeth. You will then meet Black Hoshipon. She then calls out a Balrog which came out from the stone Black Hoshipon also came out from. It will be easy. In battle, you will encounter Mecha Hoshipon. Once you kill Balrog, Black Hoshipon will retreat. After that, you will encounter some Akumapon. Be careful, as they have faster attack speed and wield Fire/Unique Equipment. Then you will meet Silver Hoshipon. After a brief conversation, Black Hoshipon flees, and Mecha Hoshipon hides. Then you can march along to the end. If you don't immediately finish the level, when Gold Hoshipon flees, he will drop a large amount Ka-ching, a Jeweled Chest and Tategami's Sutra.


  • This is the only mission where all four Hoshipons are seen at the same time.
  • Oddly, Mecha Hoshipon is seen in this mission, although he's seen broken by Sonarchy. However, he said that he managed to repair himself.
  • This is the only mission where you can receive another summon, Tategami Sutra. The other summon is Yarigami Sutra.
  • This is the third mission where you can receive a key item, the other being the Yarigami's Sutra (Archfiend of Valor and/or The Dauntless Dragon, Majidonga) and the other is where you receive the War Drums (The first mission).
  • When Gluttonous Buzzcrave and RottenLee Ravenous are walking down the Mission Place after it is done, Ravenous and Buzzcrave thought the voice is an old cracky voice, it was Slow Moving-Slogturtle who they heard then Standoffish Sonarchy.

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