Bonedeth Brigade was foiled with the defeat of their Dark Hero by {Uberhero's name}. But victory is fickle, and the nearly full moon suggests Ragewolf's revenge is close at hand.
  — Mission Description 
Will the angry wolf see a full moon quest info

Will the Angry Wolf see a Full Moon?

Suggested: Lv5/ Reward: Iron Chest Lv5

This is the second mission in the Arena of Valor, it is optional and it can be played more than once. This is the perfect mission for getting equipment. Sometimes when killing Ragewolf, a Jeweled Chest will rarely appear but commonly, you will get a purple Health potion, or a wooden chest.


This mission is very similar to the previous one in the sense that it is a Capture The Flag mission, the only difference is its difficulty, it is slightly harder. Your team (Blue) will start out on the Left side, while Ragewolf's team (Red) starts out on the right. Your main objective is to either advance farther into Red's territory, attacking their troops (The Bonedeth) and their turrets. Another way you can win is by getting to the other side, where Ragewolf's team initially start at. All of this is under a five minute time limit. If you fail to capture more areas than the Red team in this amount of time you lose.


Patapon 3 Walkthrough extra Arena of Valor - Will the Angry Wolf see a Full Moon?03:33

Patapon 3 Walkthrough extra Arena of Valor - Will the Angry Wolf see a Full Moon?

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