A frozen Cioking

White-Hot Claw Cioking
is a boss mission in Patapon 2 featuring Cioking.


At the beginning of this mission, you'll find a tombstone that gives you the DonChaka "party" song. Its command is Pata Pon Don Chaka and it cures your army of status ailments, which will provide very useful. Since it doesn't make your army move, it's also handy for building up Fever when you don't want to provoke a target.

Once you display your skills at the new beat, advance to battle Cioking.

Identifying Cioking's attack patterns is extremely important in the fight, since a mistake can result in a failed mission. The cues for its weak Sleep Bubble and its powerful Pincer Slash are very similar-the only difference is whether or not Cioking's pincers are snapping simultaneously (Sleep Bubble) or alternately (Pincer Slash). If the former attack comes out, either PonPata or DonDon will evade it, but you can just as easily keep pummeling Cioking until it attacks, awaken any sleeping Patapons with your new DonChaka song. If the latter attack is being readied, don't try to endure it; use PonPata to get out of Cioking's range (DonDon may work, but the claw swipe is vertical, so units near Cioking will be in danger).

Apart from its normal moves, Cioking also boasts not one, but two instant-kill attacks. Their warning signs are easy to distinguish from the regular attacks, but knowing the proper reactions to each is essential. If Cioking leans over your Patapons, it's about to execute Throw, so get ready to PonPata away, it'll grab a Patapon and fling it out of the battle. If it moves up and down without leaning either way, unlike its grab attack, the Death Bubble technique can kill a good third of your forces in a single use, and it's range is enough to tag the edges of your forces unless PonPata is timed perfectly, but DonDon is also essential.

In addition to various Liquids, Cioking drops the Lv. 1 egg of Ciokina when defeated. It also drops the Lv. 1 egg of Cioking after it reaches Level 5.


  • Despite the name of the level, the part White Claw" is far related to Cioking's appearance.