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Neh heh heh... Slogturtle thought he has the last laugh, but alas (Uberhero's name) prevailed. Even less willing to move than before, he stays down and lazily awaits for a rematch.
  — Mission Description 
Level info

What He Fights For


Range of Adamance


Spin Spin Miss Theme


Dark heroes

Suggested: Lv 25 Reward: Iron Chest Lv 25

This is the second mission at the Range of Adamance.

You unlock this mission after completing the mission "Slogturtle the Mobile Shelter" and is available until Ravenous: Duel of Fate. This mission is the same as the one before it but a little harder, because your opponents are stronger.


Patapon 3 -What He Fights For03:15

Patapon 3 -What He Fights For

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