Have you seen that odd totem pole in Nyroki Swamp? Someone has carved 'PATA CHAKA PATA CHAKA' into it. Do you reckon it might be a rhythm command? Nah, probably not!
  — Patapon 2 Manual 

The wep at Patata Plain.

Wep (aka Oep in some EU versions) is an object that resembles a totem pole in the Patapon series. At first glance, it appears to be an odd statue with a unique set of beats carved onto its surface. However, if the Almighty plays the sequence on the wep, it will grow taller and taller, revealing the "face". It will reward the Patapons for their diligence with useful items and ka-ching that are disgorged from its mouth.

In the original game, there was only one Wep, on the Patata Plain. After it is awakened, it

Wep in Nyokiri Swamp.

drops the bent compass.

Several Weps appear in Patapon 2. They mostly populate the earlier stages, such as Tochira Beach, Nanjaro Hill, Juju Jungle and Nyokiri Swamp, but some do appear in mid-game missions like "The Mystery of Smokestorms in the Desert" mission. Each Wep has a different range at which to play the sequence on their heads. If the Patapons get too close to them, they will disappear. Beware, in Patapon 2, Ujis thrive around a Wep.

Weps do not appear in Patapon 3, but when using a Wacky Ticket to change the Uberhero's hair, It may appear as the Wep.



Patapon 2Edit


  • Weps are not found in the Patagate.
  • Despite their name, they rarely give out weapons.
  • In some of the EU versions of Patapon 1 Wep is re-named to 'Oep' for unknown reasons

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