Wandabata evo

Wandas have good damage.

Wanda (aka Dog-pon) are a species of Rarepon introduced in Patapon 2. Its three forms are Wanda, Wandaba, and Wandabata. It resembles a dog, with light orange in place of standard Patapon white. The Wandabata form also seemingly displays a spot around its right eye.

To upgrade any of your units into a Wanda Rarepon, they must first be upgraded into a Buhyokko Rarepon.

Wanda Rarepons display substantial increases to minimum and maximum damage as they evolve. They combine it with an improved ability to stagger opponents, making them deadly against Karmen armies or dangerous monsters. On the other hand, they are vulnerable to sleep attacks, which makes them a poor choice against foes with those abilities. In particular, Shookle can massacre Wandas, as their high stagger rates combined with their low sleep resistance means that they will be constantly bombarded with the plant beast's sleeping spores. Mochichichi is another example, because of the Sleeping Stink Gas that can be a trouble with Wandas in your army. A close-ranged unit like the Dekapon can easily tear through enemies with Wanda.

Level 1 Description: A Rarepon whose attack power increases gradually as he levels-up. His stagger rate is 20%, but he's easy to put to sleep.

Level 5 Description: A Rarepon whose attack power increases quickly as he levels up. His stagger rate is 30%, but he's easy to put to sleep.

Level 10 Description: A formidable warrior! Each attack is fatal! His stagger rate is 50%, but he's easy to put to sleep.

Appearance: dog
HP: +100 Crit Ratio: 0
Damage: +100-100 KB Ratio: 0
Attack Speed: 0 CNC Ratio: +50%
Resist Ignite: 0 Ignite Ratio: 0
Resist Freeze: 0 Freeze Ratio: 0
Resist Sleep: -3 Sleep Ratio: 0
Immunities: N/A
55x Lv1 18x Lv3 36x Lv1 15x Lv1

Patapon 3Edit


Uberhero as Wondabarappa

In Patapon 3, Wanda is a Megapon, named Wondabarappa. His Uberhero Mode is Mucharapapa, where he fires

Kan as a Wondabarappa

golden notes that can deal multiple damage over a wide area.


  • Wanda's name comes from the Japanese word 'wan' meaning 'barking'.
  • Evolving any of your Tatepons to Wanda in Patapon 2 unlocks Dekapon's memory.

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