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Labyrinth of Restraint


Cyclops, Bonedeth, Death, Fenrir, Dragon, Dark Heroes, Cioking

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Archfiend of Restraint

Background Music

Acchichichi's Theme, Pata Kolassa Theme, Moudamepon's Theme, Ahh-woon Rock

The Archfiend of Restraint was dispelled by (Uberhero´s name) but the screams of the thieves, victims of the superweapon still echo from below.
  — Mission Description 

Suggested: Lvl 21+ Reward: ?

This is the second mission in the Labyrinth of Restraint.

You unlock this mission after completing the previous mission, Archfiend of Restraint, is the same stage, but this time is a little harder and you'll fight Cioking. However, there is no shortcut this time. You have to go through all five floors to finish this dungeon.It is also advise to bring items that resist fire.