Ravenous has left his treasure collection in the arena! Will he come to claim them? Or has he simply forgotten? Who cares! First-come, first-served in this blissful free-for-all!
  — Mission Description 
Suggested: Lv? / Reward: Gold Chest Lv?
Victory! Treasures For All!

Victory! Treasures For All!♪

This is the third mission at the Arena of Earnestness.

This level is unlocked later, and is playable for an unlimited time.

You will be facing Buzzcrave, Slogturtle, Sonarchy and Covet-Hiss in this mission.


This level shouldn't be too hard if you are at least level 30 and possibly better at level 32. Bring some knockback-resistant armour, and you'll be fine. First, march until you approach Buzzcrave. Attack as quickly as you can, or else he'll defeat you. Soon after encountering Buzzcrave, one of the Dark Heroes will summon a Yarigami Sutra. March as far as you can forward, and stay there to avoid being hit by the projectiles, or kill the Dark Hero who summoned the Djinn to cancel it altogether. Be careful of Sonarchy's Hero Mode, the sound waves can knock you back and inflict sleep and poisoning (Use the DonChaka song to prevent the bad effects). Continue killing and marching, until you come to the flag goal at the end of the mission.

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