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Map 11



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A Noble Death

Previous Level

Encounter At Nanjaro Hills

Background music

Rinririn's Theme


Usso Forest

Karmen Fortress in Usso ForestEdit

"Did you use the Tree of Life to befriend some Tatepons?" Meden asks, worriedly. The time has come to rally the Patapons and head out for Earthend!

This stage is easy if you can get access to Dekapons and Robopons from the Tatepon evolution tree. First you come upon a wall and fort with some Karmen. Dispose of them and continue on to find Don the Yumipon. He will join you for the stage if your army is not already full. If you are he leaves and gives you the Yumipon Memory and a bow. The rest of the stage is a few more buildings which shouldn't give you much trouble.
Don Yumipon

Don yumipon will help you.

Back at PatapolisEdit

Meden: Oh Great Kami, Yumipon's memory has been found! Summon his fighting spirit at Mater the Tree of Life.

Karmen Fortress in Usso Forest Lv. 2+Edit


In level 2

"The fortress in Usso Forest has been rebuilt! You've captured it once so it's not in your way anymore, but you should revisit it to uncover some hidden loot!"

BGM: Ponbekedatta's Theme

MAP: Usso Forest

Same fortress, slightly harder enemies. Karmen jump out where Don Yumipon was. Completing this stage the first time gives you the Mysterious Egg for the Fortress. Gives a lot of Iron weapons.


Let's Play Patapon 2 - Mission 6 - Karmen Fortress in Usso Forest06:01

Let's Play Patapon 2 - Mission 6 - Karmen Fortress in Usso Forest

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