As I have said before Im going to make a wagyanba (Dragon-pon) out of plasticine (Clay whatever), and in tribute of user yumipon the wagyanba will be a yumipon so I need a bow ti make and I want YOU to tell me a good bow and why. I need this by Tuesday 5 of April. Please tell me today! Send me a message with : The name of the bow (patapon 1, Patapon 2 or Patapon 3 it doesen't matter from what game as long as its patapon) and a picture if it. And I will put your options here. Try not to tell me to do a ridiculously difficult bow. I have chosen one, but I can still change my mind!


Bow of the Late Yumipon.I believe this one is the best one to make in tribute to User:Yumipon (For obvious reasons)

I have changed the date again because we ran low on budget (I was left with 4 pesos with 50 cents, 30 US cents) and we couldn't get enough clay. I will continue this project on next Tuesday because I have a frined helping me out and we cna't get together untill Tuesday. But we did do the exoskeleton and cover half the body with black clay. We are getting there.

Screen shot 2011-03-24 at 6.39.12 PM

My favorite bow in the Patapon series (so far) Giant Bow "Failnaught" User: Kulkum

Thank You!!!

Here is a sneek peek at the bow that I made, it also works as evidence that I am working on it and not wasting your time ;).

Giant Bow "Failnought"


Hope you like it and don't hate me if its wrong.


Here is the dude, see the pictures and after them I wil explain some things

Well let me start off with his left arm, even though you can't see it very well it looks like a fourth spike on his left side of the body. That arm will be holding the bow. Now as you can see there is something wrong with his body right? Yes he is missing the cone part of his body where it connects to his horns, consquently, he dosen't have the light blue designs on his forehead, that is what I haven't gotten around to doing since it will requere a lot of plasticine and/or a lot of genius to make a support for it, as you can also see where the horns and body collide there is no plasticine and you see something gray, well that is wires that I am using as a support, but I havent figured out the top part of the head. So there you go, I will try and make it or figure out how to make it. Sorry it is taking me so long

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