Have you ever asked yourself "Will Patapedia ever come in different languages? I want to help others, but my English isn't that great"? If so, then you'll be glad to know that we are thinking about the possibility of Patapedia in different languages! We aren't quite sure what languages we will be doing yet, or where abouts it would be, but if we can get enough people supporting us, a multilingual Patapedia may be a possibility for the future!

Say what you think about this in the comments below :)


Patapedia is now in French! Any french speakers want to help us? :)

Update 3/6/12

So, it appears that Ravenous had already made the Filipino Patapedia.

I'm making some default pages as you are reading this.

Update 13/6/12

Seems as there are many Spanish Patapon wikis, I've decided to list all of the ones that have been requested to be put here. Be sure to check (and help) them out!

More languages soon

Update 13/2/13

It's been a while! A Patapon wiki in Polish! Visit it!

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