This isn't really a guide, but you're welcome to use my archiving system. However, if you archive or reset my talk page without my consent, I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN! The system allows the user to archive their talk page to a subpage including the present date. It preloads a template which substitutes itself with your talk page content and whatever else you might want (e.g. the Archive template).

Part 2: Resetting the current talk page (Where's Part 1?)

This is done by clicking a link capable of reverting your talkpage to a previous version. This version should include what you want on your talkpage at all time. Perhaps you may want to keep the links for archiving and reverting, along with the friendly Welcome message, and a link to your archive. For your convenience, you should transclude a page (e.g. User:Pulse_daemon/talkreset). This will allow you to modify the default section in the future.

Part 3: Adding Useful Stuff

In my case, I had to make a New Section link because the button dissapeared. I also made a nice little button with a list of my current archive. However, I have to update it manually D=

I'd like to know what ither users think of this system. Suggestions are welcome!

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