Level Info

Underworld Guard Dog of the Pass


Bonedeth, Fenrir

Next Level

Standoffish Sonarchy and the Perilous Mist, Thunder Lion of Svanki Pass (Optional)

Previous Level

Archfiend of Purity

Background Music

Bon Voyage Theme

With the Archfiend of Purity dispelled, Naughtyfins must walk on foot with Ragewolf across Svanki Pass in search of the Dark Hero of Justice, Standoffish Sonarchy. But she drags her feet and can hardly bear it, and cries out plaintively,"I want (Uberhero's name) to carry me♥"
  — Mission Description 

Suggested: Lv9 / Reward: Iron Chest Lv9

This is the first mission at the Plateau of Pompous Wings.


First, break through the large boulder and a line of tall walls. Break the large Bonedeth Fortress and kill the Bonedeth guards, and keep moving. A line of rocks, Bonedeth, and Fenrirs will block your path. At the end of this line there are more Bonedeths, another Fenrir, and a wide Bonedeth tent. If a Fenrir manages to catch you, quickly begin spamming on a button to escape from his fangs, or try to stagger it which doesn't mess up the beat and also saves the caught Patapon.


  • According to the name of this mission, Fenrir most likely originated from the Underworld.


Patapon 3 - Mission 12 Underworld Guard Dog of the Pass09:49

Patapon 3 - Mission 12 Underworld Guard Dog of the Pass

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