The Underworld is a location in the Patapon series. It is the home of demons, such as Gorl, Demon Gate Bababaan,
Evilmass of Adamance

Evilmass of Adamance which arose from Underworld after World Egg was cracked.

Dettankarmen, Zuttankarmen, Arch Pandara and the Akumapon. The residents of the Underworld can only enter the "normal" world when summoned, often by making a deal with an unsuspecting mortal (except in One case, when Black Hoshipon emerged without being summoned). The usual result sees the summoner granted immense power, but at the cost of their souls and memories, while the demons roam freely, causing havoc.

In the gamesEdit

The citizens of the Underworld are demons, the Akumapon and other enemies of Patapons. In Patapon, the Zigoton Queen, Kharma, sold the souls of herself and her army to the demon Gorl. This granted the remaining Zigotons incredible power, allowing them to battle the Patapons on more equal terms. Similarly, Makoton was transformed into Scorpiton after making a deal with Baban, selling his soul for the power he hoped would allow him to destroy the ones who slayed his closest friend Aiton. Both efforts were futile, as the Patapons destroyed the corrupted Zigotons and their masters from the Underworld.

Patapon 2 introduced the Karmen, who seemed to already have substantial demonic support. It was later revealed that Ormen Karmen tricked the Patapon who would one day be known as Hero into destroying the World Egg, allowing hordes of demons to emerge in Pata-Pole. During their quest to retake their homeland, the Patapons repaired the World Egg, sealing the portal to the Underworld. Additionally, the Akumapon and their master, Black Hoshipon, appear to be demons independent of the Karmen's forces.

The denizens of the Underworld return in Patapon 3
Kuwagattan and His minions

General Kuwagattan and 3 other Akumapon

, which Black Hoshipon manages to convert itself without a sacrifice. The Akumapons also return, and Black Hoshipon brings its pets, Balrogs and Balrags

Notable residentsEdit



  • In Patapon 3, the equipments Deedsarus Darktank, Dreadmare and several other equipments are said to have been originated from the Underworld.
  • Demon weapons and most of the demons from Underworld have ability to cause all kinds of Status effects.

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