Level Info

Ultimate Dragon Kacchindonga Quest Info


Snow Field of Sullied Tears


Freakout Rock

Previous Mission:

N/A (Appears rarely after unlocking Snow Field of Sullied Tears)

Next Mission:


Make no mistake! This quest will test more than bravery. Most do not live to tell the tale! (*) This quest appears only rarely.
  — Mission Description 

Suggested: Lv25+ / Reward: ?

Main article: Kacchindonga

This is the sixth mission in the Snow Field of Sullied Tears, and it only appears rarely.

In this mission, you'll fight the mighty Kacchindonga. Once defeated, Kacchindonga will drop either a Gold Chest or a Jeweled Chest.


Kacchindonga appears on the Snow Field of Sullied Tears and is considered one of the hardest rare bosses to beat. His attacks are mighty and strong, but when he goes into Rage Mode, he takes mighty and strong to a whole new level, much higher level than in Patapon 2. Make sure your ranged units have some power to them, because once he goes into rage mode, your melee units barely have time to get an attack in without being harmed. Cannogabang or Alosson are good picks for ranged units. Unlike Kacchindonga's cousins, his breath is made out of ice, instead of fire. Kacchindonga's resistance and defence is very high in this level, much, much higher than in the previous game, Patapon 2 . You can use fire weapon with high level, if you want to win easily.

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