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They may be dark, but they are still Uberheroes, and Uberheroes must do what Uberheroes do! In their case, they will fight (Uberhero's name) until they finally achieve victory, however unlikely!
  — Mission Description 
Arena of Tolerance

Suggested: Lv29 / Reward: Iron Chest Lv29

This is the second mission at the Arena of Tolerance. You will face against Buzzcrave, Slogturtle, Sonarchy, and Covet-Hiss in this mission. You can train unit you wish to level-up in this mission, since you can get high EXP in this mission.



This is the same as Dark Heroes' Last Stand, except the Dark Heroes are much more powerful. Playing in multiplayer mode can make it easier to beat the mission because you will not have to worry about Hatapon being killed if you lose your shield units and in multiplayer you can move backwards (ChakaPataChakaPata). And if you use knockback- and stagger-inducing attacks. Tondenga is a huge advantage in this mission as it's attacks are not blocked by Slogturtle's hero mode. Furthermore, Oohoroc is not suggested as Slogturtle's hero mode can block all of Oohoroc's attacks but he will take breaks which gives Oohoroc a chance to defeat Slogturtle. They are more powerful than the previous missions, so make sure you have powerful equipment and your units are about Lv27-30. The forts are important in this mission; capturing them can give you an advantage, as the cannons cause Status Effects such as stagger, knockback and fire. This is useful when the Dark Heroes get too close to your units you can push them back or delay their advance and cause even more damage. If the Dark Heroes use Summon defeat them quickly as when the summon ends you will receive lots of damage. Defeating them quickly ends the summon immediately. Also beware of Sonarchy's Sonic Doom as this inflicts a wider range of Status Effects then the other Dark Heroes.


  • For some reason Covet-Hiss doesn't actually use his Hero Mode attack although he shouts it when using it. He performs his normal Cannon attack instead.
  • However, he does use it if he is reborn when Dark Heroes are summoning. Interestingly its range is different compared to its Dark Hero Mode version.
  • Sometimes, if your Uberhero is killed and then revived with a Dr. Death's "Strong n' Healthy" Reviving potion, your hero will have an insanely high attack speed, regardless of class. It is currently unknown what causes this.
    • This is only if your hero comes back in hero mode. This has been tested and confirmed for Oohoroc and Alosson


Patapon 3 Arena of Tolerance Uberheroes Never Rest02:25

Patapon 3 Arena of Tolerance Uberheroes Never Rest

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