Two Karmen

The Snow Castle on the Bryun Snowfields


Karmen, Akumapon, Black Hoshipon, The Dark One (Later: Huntable Animals

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Awakening at Neogaeen Ruins

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Sky Castle Amattera


Bryun Snowfield

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Kachinkoron's Theme

This mission has a resemblance to a mission in Patapon called Desert Crossing. In this mission however, you will have to endure attacks from Dark One, Akumapons, and a blizzard.

"Two Karmen" WalkthroughEdit

In this mission you will encounter a terrible Blizzard, so try to bring along as many PyopyoMofu, and Koppen as possible. 

At the start of the mission, you will come across a Karmen fort with two soldiers guarding it. They are known as Aimen and Makomen, and both are killed. Soon you will come across Dark One and Black Hoshipon. Dark One is mounted as a Toripon, and will cause mild irritation throughout the battle, but he isn't a big threat. The real problem is trying to get through the walls while being frozen by the blizzard and attacked by Akumapons. Luckily, Akumapons will often drop healing potions.

Defeat the Akumapons and move on. You will find a castle called the Blizzard Temple. This will be difficult as the blizzard is now in full swing and will cause a headwind. When the Temple is destroyed, it will drop the Blizzard Miracle. Dark One and Black Hoshipon will retreat as you advance and after you reach the end of the stage.

This mission turns into the hunting stage "Ewe and Bunnies At Bryun Snowfield" when completed.

Ewe and Bunnies at Bryun SnowfieldEdit

This mission must be completed at least once, as the Pekkora hides an secret, but important map to the Neogaeen Ruins.

This is just like any other hunting mission until you get towards the end. A cute, sheep-like animal will start advancing toward you. This is the Pekorra, a very dangerous beast. Kill it ASAP, but avoid killing it's babies (the Pekkorako) or it will go beserk and turn into a demon. It will drop a map that leads you to the battle with Dogaeen, where you will get the Pon Pata Song of Retreat.


  • Two Karmen is a mission similar to the mission Desert Crossing. Instead of Aiton and Makoton, it is Aimen and Makomen. Both Aimen and Makomen die, instead of just Aiton (so no cries for vengeance this time!).
  • As a side note, the Dark One is supposedly Makoton resurrected by Black Hoshipon to exact revenge on the Patapons.
  • In the "Ewe and Bunnies at Bryun Snowfields" mission, you can see the baby Pekkorako inside the mother Pekorra on foggy days.