Training: Nanjaro Hill Course is an optional mission in Patapon 2. It is accessible after defeating Dodonga at Dongara Ruins and acquiring the ChakaChaka song. It tests your mastery over attack and defense by pitting the Patapons against a trio of talking cannons, with great rewards if you can endure their withering barrage.
Training Nanjaro Hill Course

Cannon BrothersEdit

  • In Lv.1, you will fight with the youngest cannon.
  • In Lv.2, you will fight the youngest cannon and the middle cannon.
  • In Lv.3+, you will fight all three cannons.


  • After 3 Attack commands (PonPonPataPon), use the Defense song (ChakaChakaPataPon) 3 times. Repeat until you cleared all the levels.
  • Another way to know when to defend is when the cannons barrels start to shake.
  • Pay attention to the notifications or the sign post's instructions. The exercise only ends when you both attack and defend at the proper times.
  • If your Hero is a Tatepon and activates Hero Mode, the cannons can't do a thing to you. As mentioned above, however, you won't complete the course until you use the defense song when the cannons attack, so you may as well just use something more offensively-oriented.
  • Your Patapons should be focused on damage.The cannons are immune to all statuses, so pure damage is the way to go. You get Ka-Ching based on how much damage you do.
  • Use Mahopons with Healing staffs/Heaven staffs to restore HP when using the defense song.
  • The cannons deal fire damage with their attacks, so Menyokkis and Mofus won't be any good.
  • Make sure you don't attack when the cannons are attacking.
  • When you reach the end of the round, expect grass to show up. The cannonballs will ignite it, so bringing Fire resistant equipment will help.


After completing the first level, you'll gain access to a treasure chest containing Kimpon's cap. Afterwards the chest holds Level 2 Material.

Defeating the second level allows you to ransack the treasure chest again, but also reveals a WEP with the following pattern: O-O-☐- Position your team about two March commands away, and you should be able to interact with the totem pole. Play the displayed pattern four times (ignoring your Patapons' cries of displeasure) to receive a Level 3 Material.

If you pass the third level, not only do you get the treasure chest and the WEP, but you gain access to a tombstone right in front of the goal. The first time you break it, you'll find a random piece of Giant, Ancient or Heaven equipment. Later times will yield Level 5 Materials.


  • In-game, this mission is called "Training: Obstacle Course", just like the previous training mission. Its title on this site is purely for identification purposes.

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