"Those pitiable souls who gave over to Evil are buried in this tomb, which hides the secret key to the legends and the path to Earthend. But will any of this truly lead us to "IT"?
  — Area Description 

Known as Kandai-naru Hakaba (「寛大なる墓場」?) in Japanese. This is the twenty-ninth location in Patapon 3. It contains three missions:

Tomb of Tolerance

Tomb of Tolerance


Depths of JealousyEdit

Once the second ending is chosen (after completing the game or completing the level "Eternal Archfiends and the Other Vessel"), the Depths of Jealousy will be unlocked. It contains one multiplayer mission:


  • This is one of the dungeons with the starting letter of the location matching with the starting letter of the related Golden Virtue in English. In particular, the letter T with the compatible words "Tomb" and "Tolerance". This bears similarities with the Estate of Earnestness, which has the compatible letter of E.
  • In Japanese, this is the only location which has a verb in its name —to be specific, "naru" (「なる」?; to become)— instead of a noun. Therefore, the name of the location would be "Tomb of becoming tolerant, to assume greatness", instead of directly "Tomb of Tolerance".
  • This is the only dungeon with only three missions. All other dungeons has four missions. The reason for this is because for the other dungeons, once the alternate mission of the story-related mission is complete, it will be replaced by that very mission (the alternate mission) with a different name. The alternate mission at the Tomb of Tolerance, however, doesn't change its name after being completed.
  • Also, this is the only dungeon that has the multiplayer dungeon unlocked not by completing the alternate mission, if the second ending is the first one you choose. However, if you choose the first or third ending as your first choice, then you have to complete the alternate mission in order to indirectly unlock the multiplayer dungeon.