Shining Star and Black Star Edit

"The Tink Ravine is an ancient battlefield where many great warriors have been put to rest. The Patapons, proud warriors themselves, stand upon the burial ground and gaze up at the night sky."

This mission is arguably the easiest in the entire game. All you need are Yumipons, even one will be sufficient, but Kibapons may be an asset too.


Hoshipon and Black Hoshipon

Advance a little and you'll find a badly damaged Karmen tower with a beehive near the top. Attack the hive to destroy the tower and release the Star Deity Hoshipon in a shower of Ka-ching. Throughout the rest of the level, he will drop Ka-ching at random places, so you may want Kibapons to collect the money with a well-timed PonPon command. If he starts getting irritated however, he will leave, so stop all movement unless you want to redo the mission.

Hoshipon will thank you for releasing him and will give you a Black Star. He'll then offer you a story about the "legendary" Black Hoshipon, only for the real thing to descend from off-screen. You can't advance until the ensuing conversation is over, so just read the (hilarious) dialogue or practice your beat timing. Once Hoshipon starts to fly away, you're free to advance to the goal with loads of Ka-Ching you are expected to have.

The Black Star leads you to the Manbo Ruins to your next boss fight.

Back at PatapolisEdit

Meden: I can't stand that Black Hoshipon, but she is really cute...

Scout: But Black One is in service to the Underworld King... She's evil! Absolutely evil!! She's a black magic woman!

Meden: The lands that lie ahead of us are under a dark heavy cloud. Could it be the Underworld King? But no matter how many demons we face, Kami will lead us to victory!

Scout: Black Hoshipon is evil! Absolutely evil!!

Next LevelEdit

Manbo Ruins

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