In the far east of the lands, statues of this beast decorate temples, for this deity is revered as a herald of the storms. (*) Storm occurs regardless of forecast.
  — Mission Description 
Suggested: Lv9 / Reward: Iron Chest Lv9
Thunder Lion of Svanki Pass

Thunder Lion of Svanki Pass

This is the third mission at the Plateau of Pompous Wings.

It is quite stormy in this area. The player must be careful of the lightning, as it can cause stagger effects. It is recommended to equip the Set Skill Rain Dance of Piekron, as its effects nullify the storm, and thus, eradicate the lightning.


First, there will be a long sequence of rocks and two Fenrirs. If you're poisoned by their breath, the Party Song must be used to recover from the status. If a Patapon gets snatched up in a Fenrir's mouth, the drum buttons must be pushed quickly, repeatedly. It's highly probable that the Fever is lost by doing this, but its worth it as it can save one of the Patapons.

After the player breaks through the line of rocks, a Cyclops and the Thunder Lion will be seen.

The Thunder Lion uses the same attacks as the Fenrirs, but they are much more powerful. Additionally, his Noxious Breath causes stagger for long time, and burn effects instead of poison and sleep. The player must make sure to avoid his attacks at all costs, or take the damage and remove the bad effects with the Party Song. Either way, damage must dealt as fast as possible.

The Bonedeth hut behind the Thunder Lion can be destroyed to avoid having to fight many more Cyclopes than needed. After the beast has been defeated, all that is left is to march to the level's goal.


  • The lightning can also stagger the Thunder Lion, which gives a chance to attack him.


Patapon 3 Walkthrough Extra Thunder Lion of Svanki Pass05:50

Patapon 3 Walkthrough Extra Thunder Lion of Svanki Pass

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