A Theme is the music you hear when playing a level. They are an essential part of Patapon, as they help create the rhythm that the Patapons fight with. Themes can be exclusive to certain levels, or repeated throughout many.
Theme Gyorocchi

One of the many Themes

In Patapon 3, you can choose what theme you listen to during a level. There are a total of 43 themes in Patapon 3, 41 of which are available for purchase at Silver Hoshipon's Shop, for one star shard each, after you have chosen all 3 endings.

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  • In all of the games Credits, all new Themes are played, with the exception of versus mode themes and rock variants, with the exeption of Ho Hoi Yahha Rock.
  • Versus mode mission music themes are the only themes that have an alternative version for PonPata, PonChaka, DonDon & DonChaka command songs.
  • The Patapon 3 Credits includes a theme that is unused. It is a variant of Ho Hoi Yahha Theme. It is mentioned in the code as Ho Hoi Yahha Rock. It can be heard with hacking.
  • There is also an unused VS theme hidden in Patapon 3's game coding. It can be heard with hacking.
  • In Patapon 3, a 120-bpm metronome beat is also heard along with the theme.
  • In Patapon 3, themes from the previous games were slightly altered, mainly increasing the quality and consistency of the melodies.
  • Some themes are heard naturally around certain bosses.
  • Some of the themes have been renamed in Patapon 3, like Acchichichi's theme being changed to Hot Hot Hot theme.
  • Every themes' rock version's pre-fever resembles an actual music genre.
    • If you prolong the combo (intentionally not getting a perfect four) you'll hear the original theme's leitmotif or melody.