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Underworld Tank Zugagang Rebuilt

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Rescue Meden

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Zunzunzun's Theme

This is a boss mission in which you fight against the Underworld's Newest Weapon: Kanogias. He is a moving fortress with moderate-powerfull attacks and a very large health pool. Because of this and because his attacks are fairly easy to dodge, high risk units like robopon or toripon can be used.




Kanogias uses different kind of weapons. He can use Steel Mace, Cannon Fire and Time bombs.
  • Steel Mace: Best dodged by PonPata, since it can hit Patapons in air.
  • Cannon Fire: Can be evaded by PonPata or DonDon, although you should be careful with DonDon, as your units can still get hit if they're too close. This can also hit toripons, making defending a less than desireable choise.
  • Time bombs: Can be evaded by either the PonPata or DonDon song, although they tend to land in gaps between your troops, only damaging mid-range patapons like yaripon or megapon, dealing minor damage and freezing.
  • Ultimate Destruction Cannon: Kanogias starts to use this at Lv10. The only way to evade this is to use the DonDon song or by using a tatepon hero. Otherwise your entire army will surely perish.

Kanogias is quite powerful and is immune to critical attacks. Kanogias is vulnerable to knockback attacks, so you might want to use units with high knockback, such as kibapon, dekapon, toripon, or yaripon. A robopon hero is also a good choice due to high damage output as well as knockback.

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