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Cave of Valor


Bonedeth, Cyclops, Dragon, Majidonga

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Archfiend of Valor

Background Music

Rinririn's Theme, Freakout Rock

The Archfiend of Valor was dispelled by Uberhero, but the cave is yet overrun by monsters and Bonedeth forces. Perhaps they guard over the secret held within? Spelunker deep within the cave to unlock its mystery!
  — Mission Description 

Suggested: Lv5+ / Reward: Gold Chest Lv?

This is the second mission in the Cave of Valor.

Beating this mission unlocks the Depths of Rage, and renames it "The Dauntless Dragon, Majidonga".

Bottom 1Edit

First, break through the door in front of you, and prepare for a fight. You'll have to fight your way through rocks, Bonedeth, and two Cyclops
Patapon 3 - Mission 7-1 Archfiend of Valor (Floor 1)05:56

Patapon 3 - Mission 7-1 Archfiend of Valor (Floor 1)

to reach the next room. Break down the door, and the same setup is here, except the first Cyclops you meet is a Mutant Cyclop. Be careful when fighting these enemies, they're quite strong. Be sure to dodge their attacks. Break down the next door, collect a chest, and move to the goal. Decide whether to retreat with your treasure or continue on bravely.

Bottom 2Edit

"The flames you shall face in this terrible dragon's lair require special precautions!"
  — Floor description 
Patapon 3 - Mission 7-2 Archfiend of Valor(Floor 2)06:40

Patapon 3 - Mission 7-2 Archfiend of Valor(Floor 2)

First, jump up and pull the switch to lower the door. Beyond here lie Bonedeth, large rocks, and a tough Mutant Cyclop. After they're all destroyed, break through the door to go to the next room. More Bonedeth await! There are some floating blocks with a random treasure chest on them, which you can grab. Another Elite Cyclops is present, and so is a Dragon. Make sure to defend against his dragon breath, and to run away when he's dying. Break through the next door to reach the goal.

Bottom 3Edit

"The Archfiend of Valor is gone, but a more fearsome boss awaits!"
  — Floor description 

Main article: Majidonga''
Patapon 3 - Mission 7-3 Archfiend of Valor(Boss)08:27

Patapon 3 - Mission 7-3 Archfiend of Valor(Boss)

On this floor, you'll fight a giant Majidonga. Click on the link for a strategy to beat the boss. Beware of its rage mode when its health falls low! Once it's dead, collect the key it drops but at the end you will have to open a bonedoor, which has a level random treasure chest behind it.

Use the key that Majidonga drops to open the Purple Door at the beginning of Depths of Rage's B2

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