When the Field of Giants is enshrouded in mist, an angry giant appears that towers above the clouds. Witnesses of its hulking mass learn the true origin of the field's name. (*) Rarely appearing quest. (*) Use Herogate to beckon allies after discovery.
  — Mission Description 
Level info

The Legendary Gigantus


Field of Angry Giants




Ho Hoi Yahha Theme

Suggested: ? / Reward: ?

This is the sixth mission at the Field of Angry Giants, and only appears rarely.

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This is a battle against the mighty rare boss Gigantus. He is a highly defensive giant, who wields a sword to crush enemies. For high levels, the battle against him can last 10 seconds, but for lower levels, it can take more than 3 minutes. Gigantus doesn't really have any weak or strong points, so don't worry about having to equip certain armour. People who's classes are below level 20 will barely scratch Gigantus, so play online if you think you can't defeat it by yourself. While fighting Gigantus, keep in mind that he is a rare boss, and quite strong. Be sure to defend against all of his attacks, or dodge them if you can. Avoid Gigantus's powerful attack, Sword Smash at all costs! You will see it coming when he lifts his sword up high. Being hit by this attack can easily bring an end to the battle. Also be careful about Gigantus' Body Slam. One hit by this this attack will lower your chances of beating the level. To prevent this, have level 20+ shield class warriors to block the damage inflicted enough for your army to live.



Patapon 3 The Legendary Gigantus Fail

Patapon 3 The Legendary Gigantus Fail

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