Sonarchy is disgusted by Dark Hero army's string of losses to (Uberhero's name) since the departure of Naugthyfins. But who will get the last laugh? It may be the cackling Sonarchy, who has recruited the galloping Buzzcrave!
  — Mission Description 
The Great Race For Pride

The Great Race For Pride

Suggested: Lv? / Reward: Gold Chest Lv?

This is the third mission in the Racing Alley of Purity, and is playable forever. It is unlocked after meeting Miss Covet-Hiss, and replaces the previous mission Ephemeral Dreams Dashed .


Vs rules racing alleys

The tip about Racing Alleys

This mission is fairly easy, if you are well prepared. There are only two damaging obstacles that you will need to fight in this VS mission: Snoworb cannons, and a Snow Golem. First off, you will come to some colored forts: Destroy the ones that are red, and continue. Beware when Buzzcrave uses his Hero Mode attack, because he can ignite the nearby grass, therefore burning your Patapons. Afterwards, you will come along an ice castle. Because of its low ceiling, most ranged units are useless here, so make sure your melee units are strong enough to break through the ice and still keep a lead. Alternatively, you could leave the attacking to the Dark Heroes. After you exit the ice fort, you will encounter a Snow Golem. Attack it, or leave the work to the Dark Heroes, where Sonarchy's hero mode will cause various status effects to it, such as sleep, stagger and poison. The Dark Heroes are not very strong, so don't leave too much work for them. Destroy the upcoming forts and march to the goal.


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