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The Great Gigante King


Gigante King


Savannah of Envious Eyes


Ho Hoi Yahha Theme

When the evening sun on the savannah is enshrouded in blackness, a great giant will reincarnate and attack without mercy. Do not dilly-dally too close, or your Patapons will meet a swift and sorry demise! (*) This quest appears only rarely.
  — Mission Description 
  • Suggested: Lv? / Reward: ?
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This is the fifth mission in the Savannah of Envious Eyes, and appears only rarely.


In this mission, you will face off the Great Gigante King, who is much stronger than Gigantus. He and Gigantus only have a few differences, including that Gigante King wears a dark-brown colored crown and dark-brown colored armor, and his eyes are light-green and blue.

A Tondenga uberhero is recommended for this mission due to its massive damage potential and high defense, but a Cannogabang uberhero can also be useful because of its extreme damage with a howitzer.


The Great Gigante king


Patapon 3 The Great Gigante King (1)

Patapon 3 The Great Gigante King (1)

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