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The Great Cursed Dettankarmen is the final storyline mission of Patapon 2. Having triumphed over the Karmen and the Akumapons, the Patapons must now defeat the terrible demon unleashed upon the world if they want to find Earthend.
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A fight against Dettankarmen using a Babassa army.


Being the final story-boss of the game, Dettankarmen is a very powerful foe. It has two forms, but one is only used for a certain attack.

There is not much to say at this point, because you should use whatever you feel is your strongest team. However, sleep resistance is useful, and try to prioritize offense over defense for your frontline warriors; between its claw swipe and instant-kill devouring move, Dettankarmen will kill them fast if you don't dodge. For the same reason, try to use a long-range Hero class or a Tatepon Hero, as the Tatepon Hero deflects any damage as long as you keep up his Hero Mode. This is extremely useful at Dettankarmen's move Claw Swipe. After beating Dettankarmen, it leaves Lv.1 egg of Dettankarmen Fight. At Lv.3, it will drop the Grey Rainbow, leading to the Zuttankarmen Mission.

The Epilogue will begin after each battle. Sit back and enjoy! You can press START to skip the Epilogue after having watched it once.

Patapon 2 - The Great Cursed Dettankarmen06:21

Patapon 2 - The Great Cursed Dettankarmen

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