Ragewolf has fled, and a biting wind blows in the Arena of Valor, where his dreams were dashed. But now Buzzcrave swears to carry the torch, his eyes furious with the fires of revenge.
  — Mission Description 
Level Info

The Gallant, if Merciless, Knight


Dark Heroes,Bonedeth

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Covet-hiss Loves Cannons

Background Music

Dottama Gacheen Theme,

Suggested Lvl: ? / Reward: Gold Chest Lvl 25

This is the third mission in the Arena of Valor, and it is always replayable.

You unlock this level after completing mission "Covet-Hiss Loves Cannons".


This battle is only against Buzzcrave and some Bonedeths, but it's way harder than you think. Buzzcrave is very fast, with high critical rate and can capture the middle fort pretty quickly. If you don't kill him first, he will repeatedly poison your units. By this time, your average level should be 29 or higher.

Arena of Valor 2
March as fast as you can to the last cannon on your side of the arena, otherwise Buzzcrave will get there before you. Once you are there, stay behind your turret and hit Buzzcrave with charged attacks; once he has fallen, it will be easy to get the middle tower. It is advisable that you stay in the center defending until the time is up, unless you have a high level Tondenga or Grenburr then you may bash your way through if you like. Even then it is good to have defense against stagger and knockback. The Bonedeth should not be a problem (although, occasionally, a Kibadeth with a high critical rate will appear, which can be a problem). You may rarely get a Jeweled Chest from defeating Buzzcrave.


  • When Buzzcrave first attacks you, he will use non-Fever Kibapon attack. When he resurrects after you kill him once, he'll use the Kibapon Fever attack, If you have low defensed units, they will die very quickly.
  • In this mission Buzzcrave is on his strongest. It seems that Buzzcrave may have 2 of his class skills: Rush' em and Shish Kebab.