The blood of ancient dragons courses through this giant lizard's veins. It matters not whether Majidonga is defeated, for he will rise again in savage resistance. Revisit the depths of the cave, and topple the great Majidonga!
  — Mission Description 

Dauntless Dragon Majidonga

Cave of Valor

Suggested: Lv5+ / Reward: ?

This is a free version of the last mission from the Cave of Valor.

This is also the same quest as "The Secret of the Cave of Valor", just renamed.

Bottom 1Edit

Break down the door, and destroy all the Bonedeth and rocks. Two cyclops are in this room, but they're weak. Break down the next door and keep on moving. The same setup remains in this room, except the rocks are bigger, the Bonedeth are tougher, and the first Cyclops is now a large, Mutant Cyclops. Break down the last door, and reach the goal. Now decide if you wish to go further into the dungeon, or retreat.

Bottom 2Edit

"The flames you shall face in this terrible dragon's lair require special precautions!"

March forwards, and jump to pull the switch that will lower the gate. This room is just a line of rocks, protected by Yarideth, Kibadeth, a few Tatedeth, and a large Mutant Cyclops. Break through all of this to reach a door, which you will easily destroy to enter the second room, which contains yet another line of rocks. March a little bit, and you'll be able to jump to break some bricks, which contain Ka-ching , and has a chest on top. Tatedeth, a large Mutant Cyclops, and a Dragon will be there to destroy you. Smash them, and break down the next door. Move forwards more to reach the goal, and decide if you want to continue through the dungeon, or retreat.

Bottom 3Edit

"The Archfiend of Valor is gone, but a more fearsome boss awaits!"

Main article: Majidonga''

Here you'll have to fight the giant Majidonga (except much larger than in the last 2 games). Click on the link to find details about how to beat the ferocious monster. Kill it, and it will drop a Chest (Key on the first time you kill it). Break down the last door in the dungeon to find another chest, and the goal. (Note: Majidonga is stronger, so don't under estimate him like Accursed Dodonga.)

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