This is the first mission of Patapon 3 and the only single player mission in the Multiplayer Demo. Silver Hoshipon flies out of the chest towards the Hero who has been turned to stone. After playing the Pon Drum for a while, Hero is engulfed in a bright white light, and becomes an Uberhero.

Unfortunately, he seems to have lost his memory. Silver Hoshipon then explains what happened and how the other Patapons were turned to stone. They both hear the sound of the Pata Drum and turn around. Hatapon is seen holding it and asks for the Mighty Patapon to come help him. Hoshipon and Uberhero walk over to him. You must play the Pon drum after Hatapon plays Pata Pata Pata. This will move the group forward through the mission. You are told to find the other Patapons who have been turned into stone, as Silver Hoshipon will revive them.

Ton is awakened and remains as a yaripon, then Chin from a yaripon to a tatepon. Hatapon looks back and comments about how Meden has been turned to stone, then takes her along. After marching a short distance, Hoshipon turns Kan from a stone yaripon to living yumipon, and all of you move past the chest that held the Seven Archfiends. You soon receive the Pata Drum from Hatapon, and you are informed of the songs. Once you take a few more steps, you'll pass the goal and complete this mission. If you beat this in the multiplayer demo, you'll unlock Versus Mode.


  • Patapon 3 Into and First level gameplay

    Patapon 3 Into and First level gameplay

    Thanks to GeneralMcBadass for letting us post this.

    The fact that Hatapon could play the drums brings up several questions as to why the Patapons couldn't just play the drums themselves.