Before the mission, Meden will say: "Great Kami... our scouts have located a giant Mocchichi on the Sutten Plains."

Mocchichi's CounterattackEdit

Main article: Mochichichi

"It's a picture perfect day in the Sutten Plains... the sun is shining, a gentle dry breeze gently sways the tail feathers of a Mocchichi. Quite a peaceful scene.. that is, until a hunter's cry breaks the tranquility!"



This is a battle with Mochichichi. This is also your second story mode boss. Defeat it to get the Mysterious Egg for Mochichichi.

Back at PatapolisEdit

Meden: "Great Kami... I've received a letter from Gong. It says, "I'm waiting at Gangoro Wasteland". is... is that all? That's the end..."

Angry Mochichichi Lv.2 +Edit

"A stronger bird comes attacking the Patapons, but within it hides an even more precious treasure! Defeat the Mochichichi to get the rarest bone!"

This is a repeatable mission where you can fight Mochichichi, the boss that resembles a giant bird.

Next MissionEdit


  • At the start there will be a line of Mochichis that will serve as your bonus for this level since they all drop medium rare bones.
  • Mocchichi's Counterattack originally had a misspelling, and had said "shinning" instead of "shining".

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