Sukopon in the Official Japanese Patapon website.

Sukopon is a character in Patapon 3. He is a normal Patapon with an Iron Helmet that lives in the Patapon Hideout, standing on top of the lookout tower with your flag on it, holding a telescope. He tells you the weather conditions and when a rare boss appears.

In the first meeting with Sukopon, he explains what he does. He tells you that he is there to spot huge and rare bosses. If he doesn't see a rare boss, he says "Beautiful weather! All clear on the front!" and he also says "I'll eventually impress someone by spotting something big"  If he spots a rare boss he will say: "Oh! I see something! Something big! I see it, I do!". Then he'll tell you who and where the boss apears. Example: "Wow! That's one juicy-looking Manboth! He's on the Snow Field of Sullied Tears!"


He can't find bosses on places where you have not yet been to.


  • Sukopon's name, may be derived from the Japanese romaji pronunciation of "Scope" (スコープ, Sukōpu).
  • Whenever he spots a rare boss, he makes a "piip" sound when you move across his position.
  • He can't find rare bosses if you use cheats.
  • When he meets Silver Hoshipon for the first time, he says "A silver star hiding the moon! A strange beard!"
  • Sukopon's tower has a flag on top that shows what kind of symbol that you use for multiplayer.
  • It is never explained where Sukopon came from, as he was never freed by Silver Hoshipon. It may be that Sukopon was originally at the Hideout before anyone arrived.