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Parabola of Hope

Soshiki Gate is a place where stands a great Karmen fort that is named Soshiki Gate. It's very hard to beat this place without the catapult, but it's possible even without cheating. 

The Soshiki CastleEdit

It is a great Castle that was built by the Karmens . A castle defended by many towers, iron walls and great Karmen armies. But that's not all! The Castle can also attack you by itself. It has cannons and a chainsaw. 


Main Article: Parabola Of Hope

Parabola of Hope is a mission in Patapon 2. After many hardships and battles, the army of the Almighty Patapon finally returns to Sokshi Gate with the catapult...


  • In Patapon 3 there is the same castle in mission (Meanwhile...) Depths of Despair but it belongs to The Bonedeth tribe.
  • The castle is made of two metal strong karmen towers and a corpus. The towers can be found standing alone (without a corpus with chainsaw)
  • When you will press R button and triangle standing in front of gate after 2-1 second there will be a menu with stars (*). You can ignore it by playing another command but choosing right stars combination you can destroy the castle without hitting it. You choose option by choosing it by arrows and pressing X. It's a good tip when you don't have army that is strong enough. Works only on PSP, on PS Vita it doesn't work.

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