For the fire variant, see Lava Salamander.


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The Snow Salamander is a new enemy in Patapon 3. The Snow Salamander first appears in the second demo, on the first floor of the second dungeon stage. When attacked, the Snow Salamander will slowly begin growing. Before it's dead, it usually is about twice the size of its starting form. If the Snow Salamander starts growing, its attack range will increase. When it explodes, it does moderate-major freezing damage with a very small chance of sleep or poison. Defend by using Taterazay, Guardira or Bowmunk's Charge Defense. The Snow Salamander is usually more durable than the Lava Salamander except the Lava Salamander has higher attack power.


Ice AttackEdit

The Snow Salamander will glow a brighter blue and stick it's neck up. Then, it will bring its neck down upon your Patapons, causing damage and possibly freezing them. The size of Snow Salamander will affect the range of this attack. Use the PonPata song to avoid it but DonDon works too as long as your units don't stand too close to the Salamander
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A Snow Salamander

Ice dragon

Snow Salamander

Self DestructEdit

The Snow Salamander, when killed, will start wiggling its neck in the air, and will be able to be passed through. It will then self destruct, causing damage depending on your proximity, and may freeze you. The size of Snow Salamander will affect the radius of the explosion. Remember to use the PonPata or DonDon song to avoid this because it can easily kill most Patapons. However, if your Patapons can deal large amount of damage in a single hit, the effective strategy is: attack(PonPon) to kill him, party(DonChaka) to unfreeze and regroup your Patapons, and use PonPata a certain number of times to dodge the explosion. Only proceed with the marching AFTER it explodes. This is the safest way to evade the explosion.

Note: The multiplayer ChakaPata command can also be effective.

Ice BodyEdit

Its body is composed purely of ice and because of this it does a small amount of damage whenever you start to touch it, this may not kill you but, being in close contact with it, could be hazardous. More dangerously the icey vapors it lets off can freeze Patapons.


The Ice Salamander will stick its neck out to your Patapons and roar. This attack is mostly used just to freeze your Patapons.


  • The Snow Salamander is very similar to the Lava Salamander except it can freeze foes and the Lava Salamander ignites them.
  • Snow Salamanders Self Destruct can also poison your units if you are in middle of explosion.
  • It also has the same attacks as its fire version.
  • It is not recommended to use an offensive Djinn with a Salamander on the screen as their explosion could deal fatal damage to your Units.

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