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Sky Castle of the Gods


Karmen, Akumapon

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Two Karmen

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Sky Protector Pharamatara


Sky Castle Ammattera

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Wuffunfa's Theme

Amattera... the castle in the skies where an ancient deity once lived. I never thought it would be real... Great Kami... I never knew I could hate someone this much. GRRR!

Beyond the Cloud Sea, the Patapons see a castle floating in the sky. What awaits them there!? The mystery of the Karmens' new heaven and earth will be unlocked...
  — Mission description 

Sky Castle of the GodsEdit

You will need either Tatepons , Dekapons , or Kibapons , and Yumipons for this mission at the minimum. There will be Torimen and Kibamen that you will have to battle, and Akumapons make their first appearance here.

Starting off you will be attacked by Kibamen and Torimen. After they are down keep going to destroy some Karmen forts with rocks in front of them. A potion pops up. With the forts destroyed, you come across a giant contraption and two people, Dark One and Black Hoshipon. While they seem to not like each other much, they put it aside and attack you with some Akumapons. Defend against the Akuma Kibapons and Gong will show up to help. He tells you to aim for the device in the middle (only Yaripons and Yumipons will reach it). After you destroy it, Dark One and Black Star run off and Gong says they have sold their souls to a demon. Gong also says that the Great Deity needs the Patapons to destroy the demon. After you are done, you get cap for the Kururu Beruru the Bell and Shuraba Yapon minigame.

Sky Castle Amattera

Back at PatapolisEdit

Meden: Great Kami... there is an ancient ancient legend that speaks of this... Huge rainbow colored egg at the sacred land known as the World Core... A great evil tempted a single Wakapon to break the egg... The egg broke into countless shards, and so with it, the world was shattered... That's how the Patapons lost their country...

Scout: One world, one piece. The obelisk reveals the hidden page. All Patapons know that. It's a lullaby sung to all baby-pons.

Meden: The only supreme being in this world is our Great Kami...

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