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Stews are an important addition to your army, improving the stats of all your Patapon for the whole mission, which can make the difference between success or failure in the most difficult missions

However they are a single-use item, and should not be wasted without need.

Equip only one of them in the Patapon selection screen before the start of any mission, above your Juju selection.

Name Images Description Level Stats Rah Gashapon & Simmer Slurp
Gnarly Stew[s]
Gruel Stew

Even this terrible stew is enough to boost the hit points of all Patapons on this mission... yuck...

  • HP increased by 20
Level 1-3
Tasty Stew[s]
Tasty Stew

His sumptuous stew will boost the hit points of all Patapons on this mission... yum!

  • HP increased by 40
  • Damage increased by 1
  • Resist Knockback increased 
  • Resist Stagger increased
Level 1-3
King's Stew[s]
King's Stew

Flavor fit for a king! Boosts the hit points of all Patapons on this mission... YUM!

  • HP increased by 60
  • Damage increased by 2
  • Critical rate increased by 10%
  • Resist Knockback increased by 10%
  • Resist Stagger increased by 10%
Level 1
Divine Stew[s]
Divine Stew

This legendary stew will give the Patapons on this mission divine strength.

  • HP increased by 100
  • Damage increased by 5
  • Critical increased by 20%
  • Knockback increased by 10%
  • Stagger increased by 10%
  • Resist Knockback and Resist Stagger increased by 10%
  • Ignite increased.
Level 2
Demon Stew[s]
Demon Stew

Flavor bestowed by the demons themselves! Carrying this into a mission will grant your army the strength of demons.

  • HP increased by 150
  • Damage increased by 8
  • Stagger increased by 20%
  • Ignite increased by 20%
  • Freeze increased by 20%
  • Sleep increased by 20%
Level 3

How to UnlockEdit


In "A World of Ooze", defeat the Parcheek to retrieve Rah Gashapon's Cap.

Patapon 2Edit

Firebird Fenicci Lv. 3

Beat Fenicci twice and when you're fighting it for the third time, when you stagger or kill it, it will drop the Gashapon Cap.



Simmer Slurp.


  • 1 Eyeball Cabbage

Patapon 2Edit

  • Level 1: 50 Ka-ching
  • Level 2: 100 Ka-ching
  • Level 3: 150 Ka-ching


Your objective is to chop the vegetables before it lands into the pot. Press 'O' when the food is close to your knife to slice.


  • Level 1
    • Missed 3+ Chops: Gnarly Stew (Level 1 Stew)
    • Missed 1-2 Chops: Tasty Stew (Level 2 Stew)
    • Perfect: King's Stew (Level 3 Stew)
  • Level 2
    • Missed 3+ Chops: Gnarly Stew (Level 1 Stew)
    • Missed 1-2 Chops: Tasty Stew (Level 2 Stew)
    • Perfect: Divine Stew (Level 4 Stew)
  • Level 3
    • Missed 3+ Chops: Gnarly Stew (Level 1 Stew)
    • Missed 1-2 Chops: Tasty Stew (Level 2 Stew)
    • Perfect: Demon Stew (Level 5 Stew)


Medium. Level 3 in Patapon 2 is notorious for the last few sequences where most of the Vegetables come one after the other in quick succession and where the last three Vegetables are thrown lightning quick. Other than that, the minigame is manageable, especially in the earlier levels in Patapon 2.


  • This minigame is considered the easiest because it focuses more on visual skill than in rhythmic.
  • In Patapon 2, Simmer Slurp claims that his name is "Gugugu Repo" but when the instructions show up they mention "Simmer Slurp".
  • While none of the minigames are available in Patapon 3, Simmer Slurp makes a cameo as one of the decorations in the Hideout.

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