After defeating Manboth, the Patapons venture out into Tink Ravine. There they spot more than one familiar face...

Level Info


Black Hoshipon (no fighting)

Next Level

Ancient Guardian Manboroth

Previous Level

Huge Manboth At Kochikachi Lake


Tink Ravine

Background Music

Yahoho's Theme

There is no fight in this mission, but be sure to bring Yumipons to get more Ka-ching.

March forward until you see a purple pine cone at the top of an empty Karmen tower. Shoot it down using ranged weapons and Golden Hoshipon will come out. DO NOT MOVE FORWARD. You will fail the mission if you advance too much. Hoshipon will move a bit forward and say: "Do you want to hear a story? I'll give you something good if you listen!".

Don't go after the Ka-ching he drops if you want the item. Hoshipon will drop the Black Star, and Black Hoshipon will appear. After a small arugment between the two, Hoshipon will run away and Black Hoshipon will chase after it.


March forward, pick up the Black Star, and finish the stage.

The Black Star unlocks the battle with Manboroth, which is essential to complete, as you gain the PonChaka song from completing it.


  • This is the third time that the Patapons save Golden Hoshipon. The first and the second was in the mission "Search for a Lucky Star" in the first game.
  • Black Hoshipon and Golden Hoshipon are flying over your caravan at the Mission Complete screen.

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