Shakapon is a hovering, golden Djinn that appears in Patapon 3. He looks similar in some ways to a normal Patapon. However, he hovers over a golden cloud and has a golden aura, he also has a golden eye instead of Patapon white. Also, unlike most Patapons, he has round hands and feet, which are all golden instead of black.


Shakapon 2

Shakapon giving Uberhero Yarigami's Surtra

Shakapon gives you Yarigami's Sutra. Shakapon has the power to turn invisible, and also has the ability to read Patapons' minds. It is possible that he is a deity in the Patapon world because of its immense powers.

When you find Shakapon, your Uberhero thinks Shakapon is another Archfiend (he says "Oh no not another one!"). Shakapon seems to be insulted by being reffered to as a Archfiend, and retorts. Your Uberhero wonders if Shakapon can read his mind and thinks, "Give me something!". He then asks you if you have lost a gold or iron treasure chest. You should respond saying you haven't lost anything; otherwise, he won't give you anything, therefore costing you Star Shards later on when you want to use the summon. However, if you accidentally say that you have lost an iron or gold chest, Shakapon may visit you again if you repeat the mission.

He has a complicated appearance. He appears as a golden Patapon wearing a royal-looking, jeweled headwear. He shows golden radiance because of rays of light that are coming from behind him. He sits in the lotus position on a cloud below him. When the Uberhero first finds him, he thinks that it's a Hoshipon. Shakapon entered to natural sight after he realized that he had been spotted.

Before he appeared, a white crack appeared in mid air. Then a flash of light occurred and he appeared in front of the Uberhero.


  • It is also believed Shakapon is associated with the Ultimate Equipment due to its color.
  • Shakapon makes only one appearance in the game.
  • There is Team Emblem that has Shakapon.
  • As said above, Shakapon says that he's a "minor Djinn", which could explain his special powers.
  • Shakapon's name is the only Djinn shown in the game to end with "pon", unlike the other 4 usable Djinns' names ending with "gami".

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