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Juju jungle



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Destiny at Nanjaro Hill

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Hunting On Tochira Beach

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Ponbekedatta's Theme

Exploring the Juju Jungle is the first combat-oriented mission in Patapon 2. Having filled their bellies after a successful hunt, the Patapons begin exploring the eponymous jungle, where an old friend helps them in their first battle with the Karmen.


After you enter the forest, you'll be faced with a series of stone walls. It will take a while because your Yaripons have weak weapons, but you must attack and destroy them. After two walls, Ban Tatepon (a shield and sword-wielding Patapon unit) comes out of the bush and joins you. If some of you find his name strangely familiar, it's not Deja Vu; it's the same Ban Tatepon from the original Patapon.

You'll soon feel his power, as he deals several hundred points of damages to the stone walls with every swing.

Let's Play Patapon 2 - Mission 3 - Exploring the Juju Jungle06:10

Let's Play Patapon 2 - Mission 3 - Exploring the Juju Jungle

Thanks to TehNevs for letting us post this.

Shortly after you destroy the last wall, Yarimen and Tatemen jump out of the bushes and attack you. With the might of Ban Tatepon at hand, they are nothing. Then you'll have to destroy an Iron wall. Just keep marching and attacking.

After a short, but glorious massacre of the Karmen, you'll come across a tombstone, which yields the ChakaChaka Song when destroyed. Unfortunately, it is useless without the Chaka drum, but you'll get it pretty soon.

Once you reach safety, Ban Tatepon will tell you to retrieve the Mater Sprout before leaving you with the Memory of Tatepon and some items useful for making and equipping Tatepons. Pick them up, break a building, and the mission is over.

Back in Patapolis, Meden guides you to the next mission.

Meden: "If the legendary hero Ban Tatepon himself said you need to find the Mater Sprout, then it should be done. This way please my Lord."

Meden takes you to the remains of a Mater tree.

Meden: "The Mater Sprout would revive Mater, The Tree of Life. It looks like Dodonga in Dongara Ruins past Nanjaro Hills has the Sprout. Defeat Dodonga and retrieve the Mater Sprout, please!"

This mission will turn into a training mission now, but it will be hard to beat until you can get better equipment or more units.

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