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How To UnlockEdit

Patapon 1Edit

In Desert Paradise, defeat the Poocheek to retrieve the Kimpon Cap.

Patapon 2Edit

Training: Nanjaro Hill Course

Withstand against the turret once to obtain the Kimpon Cap.


Patapon 1Edit

  • 1 Tender Meat

Patapon 2Edit

  • Level 1: 50 Ka-Ching
  • Level 2: 100 Ka-Ching
  • Level 3: 150 Ka-Ching



  • O-O-O---O-OO-O
  • O-O-O---O-O-OO
  • O-O-O-O-OO-OO
  • OO-OO---O-O-OO

Patapon 2Edit

  • Level 1
    • O---O---O---O
    • O-O-O--O-O-O
    • O---O---O-O-OO
    • O-O-O-O---OO
  • Level 2
    • O-O-O---O-OO-O
    • O-O-O---O-O-OO
    • O-O-O-O-OO--OO
    • OO--O-O-O-O-OO
  • Level 3
    • O-O-OO----OO
    • OO-OO---O-OO-O
    • OO--OO---O-O--OO
    • O-O-OO-OO--O-O


Patapon 1Edit

You get 1-3 Minerals for a total of 3 depending on your performance during the minigame:

  • Stones (Level 1)
  • Hard Irons (Level 2)
  • Titanium Ores (Level 3)
  • Mytheerial (Level 4)

Patapon 2Edit

  • Level 1 Perfect
    • Minerals: Stones (Level 1), Hard Irons (Level 2)
  • Level 2 Perfect
    • Minerals: Stones (Level 1), Hard Irons (Level 2), Titanium Ores (Level 3)
  • Level 3 Perfect
    • Minerals: Stones (Level 1), Hard Irons (Level 2), Titanium Ores (Level 3), Mithrils (Level 4)


Medium. You're either good at it or not, so don't get discouraged if you miss notes. When you are trying this for your 1st time, it's best to save before you start, so you don't waste all of your Ka-ching.


  • There is a glitch in Patapon 2 where if you make too many mistakes, Kon Kimpon will be floating besides Rumble Thump.
  • Strangely, Rumble Thump never lights up either of his pinky toes.
  • Due to needed listening skills, this is arguably the hardest minigame in the Patapon games.

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