As the name suggests, this is the prologue mission in Patapon 2.

Return of the God




Next Mission

Hunting On Tochira Beach

"The Patapon's ship sunk before reaching the end of the world. While drifting to an unknown shore, Hatapon never let go of the drum that is more important than his life."

"Lord help us... Please help the Patapons..."

People who have played Patapon will understand the Patapon 2 timeline. Please play the first game before you play Patapon 2.

You'll notice the edge of the screen flashing. You want to press the O button at the same time as the edge flashing. If you successfully drum four Pons in a row, you'll see the broken ship and the sleeping (unconscious?) Hatapon.

Drum one more set (four drums) of Pons and Hatapon will wake up.

Hatapon: "This drum... I feel empowered for some reason! Are you not the God? I protected this with my life! Please take this drum!"

Hatapon then gives you the Drum of Strength. It is mapped to the square button of your PSP and has a sound of "Pata."

Now you'll learn the basic command, March. The command is Pata Pata Pata Pon, and you rest for one set afterwards to allow your Patapons to move.

After four sets of march commands, your Hatapon will be able to move. You'll come across three Yaripons (Patapons with spears) who will get empowered by your drum. Keep marching and you'll find Meden, the priestess and guiding light of the Patapon Tribe, and the Karmen tribe. Since the only command you know is march, keep marching. The Karmens will retreat and you'll save Meden.

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