Level Info

Map 20



Next Level

Karmen General Nomen

Previous Level

Great Despair


Ejiji Cliff

Background Music

Totechitentan's Theme


This Mission is located in the same place as Mission 12. The goal of this Mission is to retrieve the catapult. So if you destroy it when it's under Karmen control, you'll fail the mission.

The catapult is so weak that you can't play this mission in stormy weather, because the thunder will easily destroy the catapult. Do not bring any piercing ranged weapons, flame weapons, stew that gives you ignite chance, or Rarepons that have any ignite chance, like Gyaba.

Also bring Tailwind Miracle, as it will heavily improve your chance of escorting the catapult safely. When the Mission starts, carefully destroy the structures and contact the catapult. As you do, the catapult will come under your command. Keep marching, and you'll come across a bunch of grass. Perform the Tailwind Miracle again and shoot the cannon from faraway. The cannon ignites the grass and will likely destroy the catapult easily. If you destroy the tower with the cannon, just march forward and complete the mission.

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