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The Underworld's Newest Weapon

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Parabola Of Hope


Moakan Desert

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Pipirichi's Theme

Prepare the Rain Miracle because you'll cross a hot sand zone. The first half is very straightforward, Just chase the cart and try to destroy it.


Meden captured

However, don't use fire weapons as they burn Lady Meden's cart, rendering her dead if the attack continues.

Halfway through the mission you'll come to the hot sand zone. Perform the Rain Miracle and chase the cart, destroying the sand dunes on the way.

Use Robopons (without fire-causing arms) because the cage is made of wood. Robopons throw hard metallic rocks to the cage when you use the charge song (PON PON CHAKA CHAKA). Be careful when you are near the cannon.

When you destroy the cart and save Meden, the mission immediately ends. If the cart crosses the whole desert or if you burn up the cage and Meden dies, the mission will fail.

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