Rappata are Huntable animals in Patapon 2. They appears as small rabbits with a black body and orange eyes, tail, and ear tips. They are mostly found on the Bryun Snowfield, but rarely appear on Tochira Beach during sunny days.

Rappata are fragile, timid creatures that prefer to hide in grasses or shrubs when possible. They have keen senses and constantly search their surroundings for approaching danger. If threatened, they will hop away from a decent distance (less than a Mochichi, but more than a Kacheek) before settling down and hiding again.


Rappata being held by a Patapon.

Because of their small size, excellent alertness, and decent retreat range, Rappata are difficult prey for an inexperienced and unprepared player. The best strategy in the early stages is to launch a single, powerful barrage of attacks (preferably Yumipons after a PonChaka song) and hope that there are enough projectiles that will hit the animal to wear down its small health. Later on, Megapons and Mahopons with higher-level weapons are even more effective at catching the little orange rabbits before they can escape.

Rappata commonly drops Berara Hides, followed by Eyeball Cabbages and the occasional Kuneri Fang.

In Patapon 3, they appear as an emblem for a team flag, however the actual animal doesn't appear in any missions since hunting missions have been removed from the game. Also, in Earthend, some white Rappapas (white instead of orange) can be seen in the background.

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