Rah Gashapon.

Rah Gashapon is the chef of the Patapon army, appearing in a Minigame with Simmer Slurp. He wears a chef's hat, and wields a large knife. Rah Gashapon can be obtained in Patapon by defeating the Parcheek in the mission A World of Ooze to obtain the chef's hat. In Patapon 2, Gashapon's hat can be found by defeating Fenicchi at level 3. Rah Gashapon's cap can then be taken and revived at Mater, The Tree of Life. He makes various stews, which improves the stats of the whole army. He can make 4 different types of stews (5 in Patapon 2) which give different stat boosts depending on how well you did on the minigame. They are in order from least effective to most effective:[[es:Rah Gashapon|
Rah Gashapon - Showcase

Official renders of Rah Gashapon.


Gruel StewTasty StewKing's StewDivine StewDemon Stew

  • Gnarly Stew
  • Tasty Stew
  • King Stew
  • Divine Stew
  • Demon Stew (Patapon 2)



Rah Gashapon slicing a lemon

  • Despite being commonly seen holding a spoon in promotional pictures, Rah Gashapon doesn't use a spoon in the actual game. Instead, he uses a knife.
  • His Butcher knife almost resembles Giant Sword "The Butcher" that is wielded by a Tatepon (or in Patapon 3 can be wielded by Tondenga or Guardira, and of course Taterazay)
  • Rah does not appear as a character in Patapon 3. Although he is included in the halloween decoration that can be bought at Silver Hoshipon's shop for star shards.